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Commercial Dash Camera Solutions


These devices are becoming a very popular accessory and are now a widely used method of controlling costs and reducing risk in UK businesses, for insurance fraud such as crash for cash.

installing dash cameras will reduce risk, save time, and also reduce legal costs if any of your drivers have a incident.

There is a lot to consider when selecting a system for your fleet we can offer you the best dash camera solutions as well as making sure the cameras are installed correctly so they perform to their best.



Installing commercial dash-cam systems and what they can do for your business.

 Dashboard camera systems enable businesses to gather data on the movement of their vehicles day to day. Our dash cameras are professionally installed so they will automatically record as soon as the vehicle is started.

Your Commercial & Fleet Management Needs…

Our cameras are suitable for all your commercial & Fleet vehicle requirements offering better driver behaviour, lower insurance  premiums and the ability to substantiate blame in the event of an accident.

“An increasingly essential tool for fleet management, in car-camera systems protect your vehicles and provide insurance for your business, and can also be used for driver training”.



On motorways: More than half (52%) of fatal accidents on motorways involve HGVs, despite HGVs only making up 10% of the traffic on motorways


On A-roads: HGVs are involved in 20% of fatal crashes on A roads, a ratio that has worsened over the last 5 years

Key Benefits

  • Helps with crash for cash & staged accidents

  • Evidence for false whiplash claims

  • Conflicting events in an accident

  • Acts as your reliable witness in an accident

  • Can help with driving offences

  • Traffic issues such as illegal parking

  • Possible insurance discounts

What these cameras offer

  • HD video recording

  • GPS & map locations

  • Large viewing angle

  • G-force data of an accident

  • Shows driving styles of the driver

  • Wifi – viewing of the incident files via smart phone

  • recording storage up to 256 gig


Professional HGV Dash Camera Solutions
Professional HGV Dash Camera Solutions & Fleet Installations