Fleet Tracking Solutions


Total Tracking solutions for your fleet, offering our advanced tracking solutions keeping an eye on your total fleet 24/7 regardless of its size.

Whether you need to use our HGV Trackers to track just one truck, or use fleet tracking for a large fleet of HGV’s, our comprehensive HGV Tracking systems can provide a complete solution from equipment to installation and support.

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  • Autowatch Ghost Keyless Entry Protection against Theft

    Autowatch Ghost CANbus Immobiliser

  • Bulldog TR20 Tracker

    Bulldog TR20 – Small, portable and feature packed all round GPS

  • Bulldog TR35-Tracking

    Bulldog TR35 – Tracker – A Four Year stand by time

  • Bulldog TR36 Tracker

    Bulldog TR36 – Vehicle Tracker

  • Bulldog TR68 Tracker

    Bulldog TR68 – OBD Vehicle Tracker

  • Bulldog BD1 Tracker

    BulldogOne – The Ultimate all in One tracking and security solution

  • Maxi Tracking System Smartrack

    Maxi Tracking System – Plant Tracking

  • Sale! Smartrack - uTrack

    Smartrack – uTrack

  • Sale! SmarTrack Fleet

    SmarTrack Fleet Solutions