Fuel Anti-Siphon

Anti Siphon Fuel Security – Stop Fuel Anti Siphon Theft – Anti Siphon Commercial

“Offering The Highest Quality in Anti Fuel Theft Technology”

Fuel theft is one of the most exasperating crimes you can experience. Not only will it cost hard-earned pounds to replace, but unexpectedly running out of fuel can be even more inconvenient for your business. Police have warned businesses to be on the lookout for fuel thieves operating in their area and to keep a watchful eye over your fuel tanks on your commercial vehicles.

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  • UP60-1-FUEL-ANTI-SIPHON-truck

    Mi-Protect UP60-1 Fuel Anti-Siphon Truck


    Mi-Protect UP60-1 Fuel Anti-Siphon Bus


    Mi-Protect UP60-7 Fuel Anti-Siphon Bus

  • UP60-7-FUEL-ANTI-SIPHON-construction

    Mi-Protect UP60-7 Fuel Anti-Siphon Construction

  • UP60-7-FUEL-ANTI-SIPHON-truck

    Mi-Protect UP60-7 Fuel Anti-Siphon Truck

  • Mi-Protect UP80-3 Fuel Anti Siphon

    Mi-Protect UP80-3 Fuel Anti-Siphon Bus

  • UP60-14-FUEL-ANTI-SIPHON-construction

    Mi-Protect UP60-14 Fuel Anti-Siphon Construction


    Mi-Protect UP60-14 Fuel Anti-Siphon Truck

  • UP60-14-FUEL-ANTI-SIPHON-bus

    Mi-Protect UP60-14 Fuel Internal Anti-Siphon Bus


    Mi-Protect UP60-11 Fuel Anti-Siphon Refrigerated Truck


    Mi-Protect UP60-11 Fuel Anti-Siphon Truck

  • anti-siphon-bus

    Mi-Protect UP40-1 Fuel Anti-Siphon Bus