Roadhawk Dash Cameras

Roadhawk Dash Cameras

“have been protecting UK motorists from dangerous and careless acts of driving for over ten years and were one of Britain’s first dash cam companies. With many years of experience, we now offer a large range of dash cams and helmet cams for drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and horse riders”.

An accident on the road isn’t just an inconvenience. A crash can also have significant effect on your health and wellbeing, your job, your family and your wallet. That’s why at RoadHawk, our aim is to give you the tools for you need to ensure your life runs as smoothly as possible when the unexpected happens.

Our range of dash cams and helmet cams don’t just supply crystal clear video, but can also offer, time and date data, GPS and G-Force information which combines to create valuable evidence in the event of becoming a victim of false claims, crash for cash scams or general disputes over who is at fault. This evidence can then be passed onto insurers or the police in order to prove your innocence and to avoid lengthy and stressful investigations.

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  • RoadHawk-DC-2

    RoadHawk DC-2 HD GPS Dash Cam

  • RoadHawk-Vision

    RoadHawk Vision SuperHD Wi-Fi Dash Cam