Catalytic Converter Alarm System – Mi-Protect


Catalytic Converter Alarm System designed for all types of vehicles.

Fuel Theft Alarm System, we believe that Mi-Cat Guard from Mi-Protect is the only real solution that actively protects your vehicle.


Companies that will benefit from the Mi-Protect product range:

  • HGV, Lorry and Truck fleet owners
  • Van fleet owners & Commercial fleet owners
  • Van Dealers & Van Rental Companies
  • Car Rental Companies
  • Mini Bus Hire Companies
  • Plant Vehicles
  • Camper van owners

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CATGUARD - Catalytic Conver Theft Alarm Systems
Mi-Cat Guard fuel theft alarm system:Mi-Cat Guard is a catalytic Converter alarm system designed to work in conjunction with your existing security devices

Why Catalytic Converter Theft is a real threat to your business!

  • Repair and Replacement cost
  • Driver downtime
  • Unhappy customers and Loss of business

MI-CAT Guard is a Catalytic Converter Alarm System that is designed to work in conjunction with your existing security devices such as locking fuel cap or anti-syphon device.   

Benefits of our fuel tank alarm system:

  • Active deterrent
  • Simple installation
  • GSM text messaging
  • Audio/Visual warning
  • Modular design
  • Covert monitoring

The Mi-Cat Guard Alarm System will automatically arm after the ignition has been switched off for a short period of time and will confirm this with the high intensity flashing LED on the sensor. Once armed the ACTIVE DETERRENT LED will constantly flash to warn off potential thieves. This proven technique in crime reduction can have the effect of reducing the likely-hood of attack significantly.

Mi-Cat Guard has a sophisticated sensor fitted externally on the outside of the fuel tank using one of the retaining straps to hold it firmly in position. If thieves attempt to smash off the locked cap or try to pierce the diesel tank in any way the TANK Guard alarm will activate.

An optional GSM text message system is available alerting designated people that a theft is in progress displaying the vehicle registration number and vehicle type.

Why Fuel Theft is a real threat to your business!

  • Repair and Replacement cost
  • Driver downtime
  • Unhappy customers
  • Loss of business

Mi-Cat Guard offers you the only real solution that is designed to actively protect your vehicle against fuel theft.